We offer cleaning, specialty projects and staffing solutions for your hotel, resort, restaurant, banquet or spa areas.

Staffing Services

Just about any area in your hotel, restaurant or banquet, daily & periodic plan to maintain the cleanliness, apperance and safety of you hotel.

Qualified and screened staff ready to work for you in housekeeping, stewarding, banquet or any other areas.

Our expert team can bring out the true image for the hotel and even takes it to a new level with specialty projects.

Night Cleaning

Specialty Projects

our Services


- Marble & Stone

- Carpet Service

- Tile, Concrete, VCT
- Walls & Awnings

- Ceiling & Chandlier
- Elevator & Escalator

- Kitchen, Equipment & Hood
- Window Service
- Power washing (water recovery)

  and more

- Public & Guest Areas

- Restaurant, Bar & Patio
- Spa & Fitness
- Value Heart of House (Back Areas)
- Kitchen & Banquet
- Walkways & Hotel Grounds 
- Executive Areas 
- Guest Rooms & Bathrooms
- Service Areas & Elevators

- Loading Docks

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